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Rick Stratton
Systems for Environmental Management
P.O. Box 8868
Missoula, Montana 59807
Cell Phone: 406-546-3546
E-mail: rickdstratton@gmail.com


Firemodeling.com is an advertising and publication dissemination site for Richard Stratton. Rick is a fire modeling analyst with Systems for Environmental Management (SEM), a research, development, and education organization in Missoula, Montana. His wildland fire consulting and research interests include geospatial fire modeling, wildland fire use, fuel treatment design and effectiveness, hazard and risk assessment, and wildland-urban interface home ignitability assessment and destruction investigation.

Rick has worked on over 170 wildfires/prescribed fires since 1991 in planning or operations. He has supported Type I, II, and fire use teams, Area Commands, Multi-agency Coordination (MAC) Groups, and Regional Offices. He has assisted with staff rides, reviews, investigations, and provided expert witness consultation.

Rick has a B.S. in conservation biology (wildlife emphasis) and an M.S. in forestry (fire and Geographic Information System [GIS] emphasis). Prior to SEM (Jan. 2000), he worked eight seasons with the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service in various biological and fire suppression and monitoring capacities.

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